Godspeed You! Jetlagged Traveler

After many hours waiting at Heathrow, followed by many hours sitting on a plane eating peculiar airline food (Belgian waffle, jam and a sausage?) and then a good hour and a half wait in line while about two customs officers dealt with several hundred new arrivals to the country, I was in Chicago. Tired, but cheerful, I was met by my brother and his wife-to-be.

Shower. Hot coffee. Then came the good part. Brunch.

The food and drink here, (along with the wedding, obviously) is one of my main motivations for visiting America. Several eggs benedict and a massive pile of corned beef hash later, and after a not unreasonable amount of beer – and, umm, Irish Carbombs – for early afternoon (place didn’t ID me), we stumbled back to the apartment for a short while before the evening’s main attraction.

Godspeed You! Black Emperor’s music is disconcerting at the most sober, awake states of mind. Try being awake for 45 hours and having to contemplate the music used in that really cool scene from 28 Days Later. Total mind fuck. Incredibly performance though, even if I was falling asleep standing up. Mood was slightly dampened by the total douchebags of bouncers working the doors – it was an over 18 gig (which doesn’t really make sense in a country where the drinking age is 21), and some kid was having his ID scrutinised by these arseholes who were questioning his height. You’d think Obama was in there or something the way they were acting (Godspeed You! Black President?), a total contrast of the cute, smiley waitress at brunch… Would’ve said something to them if I wasn’t so sure they’d refuse me entry if I did. Twatmongers. But anyway…

Today: coffee, breakfast and explore the city. Hey, Chicago, you’re all right.


About merlinlondon

Cynical but loveable wannabe journalist with a keen interest in music and the arts in general. Ignorant yet highly opinionated about most things. Mostly liberal with occasional fascist tendencies, usually concerning Coldplay, Crocs or other crimes against the developed world. Amateur photographer and even more amateur singer/songwriter.
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